The lifesaver that is the Jumpsuit.

Okay here it goes ……..My very first post!!

Today I want to discuss my holy grail clothing item – THE JUMPSUIT! Now I have to admit I have never been much of a fan of the jumpsuit, with the dreaded fear of the camel toe, or the sizing issue (how will my boobs fit into the same size as my bottom half). HOWEVER that all changed when I moved to Hong Kong,  then the realisation hit – I have always hated summer clothes and favoured winter clothes, being English through and through. You may ask; how could you hate summer clothes? Exposed skin, fake tanning issues, lack of layering, the need to be summer body ready everyday – do I need to go on?

Having shorts on requires shaving the legs and fake tanning … In enters the jumpsuit! I find I can wear jumpsuits day or night, casual or dressy, for Hong Kong life they are such a versatile piece. The dilemma with living in Hong Kong  is trying to cope with thirty degree heat (poor me I know…bear with me though) and ninety percent humidity, whilst still wanting to look good. After all, you can’t walk around Hong Kong in a Bikini.

Below I have picked out some jumpsuits I have been currently lusting after;


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