The Ultimate Guide To All Things Chokers.

Okay, so I am not claiming to be the queen of chokers. However, I been sporting a choker for about the past four years I would say, they go all the way back to my university days! Over the years I have bought and lost/broke a fair few I won’t lie, however I am still left with my fair share.  As the majority of chokers are reasonably priced, it’s hard not to throw a few in the basket.  Today I thought I would share a couple of my most worn with you, maybe even give you a few ideas of what type suits you. Why not let your inner 90’s girl out …


Missguided Choker



Black lace: Forver 21, Silver pendant: H&M



Gold Pendant: H&M, Gold Choker: Stradivarius HK


I have also included a few chokers that have been calling my name in the shops lately;

Clockwise from the top left: Asos, Asos, Zara, Mango.

For all you ladies out there undecided on chokers, I hope this post helped and for all you fellow choker lovers out there I hope this post got you in the spending mood.

As always ladies, happy shopping.



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