This Weeks Finest Five: Sale Picks

Sales can be an overwhelming experience, they often end in panic buying, I have definitely been a fool in a sale before. The aim of the sales should be to buy things you are actually going to wear, I have always been a sucker for rationalising “its only 5 pound” then throwing it into the black hole that is the back of the wardrobe.

When shopping in the sale, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Would I want it if it was full price?

Will i wear it next season?

What will it go with in my wardrobe?

After probing through website sales I have found pieces I think are a great sale purchase. Hopefully my choices spark some inspiration for your sale shopping, or at least give you an idea what type of products are worth purchasing in a sale.


You can’t really go wrong with a good blazer; whether it’s for work or for throwing on with a pair of jeans. A good blazer can be a staple in your wardrobe for years! This particular blazer is one that caught be eye, and I have to admit I do love a double breasted blazer. This Zara Double Breasted Pinstripe Jacket, can not only be worn as a jacket for an extra layer, but also as a top. The oversized blazer with nothing under is a look I love, however if like me you find this too risky; why not throw on a bralette or cami. This jacket is £39.99 down from £69.99.



The main way lots of people go wrong in the sales, is by buying something super on trend for that current season. Plain accessories or shoes are a fairly safe choice regarding seasons, these Miss Selfridge Soft Knot Sandals can transition well into spring. Black heels can be pretty versatile and something you can often keep for a couple of years, and for just £22.50 you can’t go very wrong with these. This pair are subtle enough to wear with a variety of outfits, but caught my attention because of the dramatic knot detailing, which i love.



Continuing on with plain accessories is this Zara Two-Tone Hat With A Wide Ribbon, which is at an amazing price at £5.99If you have ever been sitting on the fence with regards to hats, now is the time to take the plunge.



The fourth choice does not exactly stick to my ‘no trend led pieces’ rule, however I do believe these Asos Magical Loafers will transition great into spring. If you have been somebody wary to try the metallic shoe trend, these loafers are at the perfect price to take a little risk. At £12 they are not going to break the bank.



Okay, this last item is not cheap at £180, however still a bargain with regards to saving. There is a huge sixty percent off this Kara Tie Leather-Trimmed Shearling Shoulder Bag from Net-a-Porter. As it’s all black, this bag will go with so many outfits, but also has an interesting contrasting-material feature which offers some added flare.


So, ladies when you hit the sales, think wisely and happy shopping!

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