This Weeks Finest Five: Velvet Pieces

This season velvet is EVERYWHERE! Personally I can’t say if I love or hate velvet, I think it can work really well with certain items but also be a huge swing and a miss with others. So my only advice is be careful ladies! As it is everywhere this season I’ve selected a good few pieces that I feel work very well, one’s that I’d love to own myself and hopefully one’s which help you hit it out the park. So if you are looking for a velvet piece to keep you on trend this season, keep reading…


This first choice will most certainly not be to everyones taste, and seeing it on the website I wasn’t 100% sure myself. However, I have now seen this in the shop and surprisingly I loved it. The only reason I didn’t buy it there and then was because the colours just aren’t in keeping with my usual colour palette. It is from Zara and is called Velvet Mini Skirt and will cost you £29.99. The colour is described online as bottle green, this colour could look amazing with a cream or black T-shirt tucked in.



This next item is a more conservative velvet piece. It is the New Look Quilted Velvet Box Crossybody Bag, and will cost you a very affordable £15.99! Although a less controversial  piece, the colour still took some deliberation as it isn’t what I’d usually go for. That being said, I decided it really works especially with the contrast of the gold tassel.



 These ankle boots have actually been featured before, so I must really like them! They are the Literally High Cut Boots from Office in Black Velvet, they will cost you £64.



Continuing on with shoes, I really like these Mink Lace Up Dolly Shoes from Next, which I think are a good price coming in at £35. A lovely contrasting option for when your standard black shoes are just a tad too dark for your outfit.  The mauve undertone will match perfectly with lighter clothing; personally I’d pair them with cropped flared jeans.




The last item in this week’s finest is yet another Zara purchase; the Zara Velvet Bomber Jacker for £49.99. I love this jacket, it’s oversized, pretty masculine and could really mix up an otherwise feminine outfit.



Hopefully this post has given you a little bit of inspiration, allowing you to incorporate velvet into your wardrobe this season!

As always, happy shopping ladies.

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