About me…

Sugar obsessed, beauty junkie, with the outlook; ‘life is all about perception, change your perception and you can change your happiness’.


During my lucky twenty-three years, I feel I have learnt from many different experiences and life lessons, but also gained passions for a variety of things. This blog is my outlet; a way for me to share these passions and experiences with you.

Though I am currently based in Hong Kong, and enjoying the adventure; I will always call Liverpool my home! #foreverscouse


If you’re wondering about the name of my blog; you wouldn’t be alone.  Briefly let me say; whilst I was at university, I suffered with a bout of cancer at the age of 19.  I’m now fit and healthy (hopefully it continues!), though I now have a metal hip and femur (thigh bone).  This combined with (from what I hear) my bubbly personality and zest for life, led to the name; Metalandcharm.  Anyway enough about that…

 Growing up I have always held an interest in fashion and design; having first studied Fashion and Clothing Technology as a foundation degree, I then continued with further education to complete a design related degree.

Through this period of my life and the years that followed graduation, one thing has been a constant in my life; my OBSESSION with makeup and shopping!!  By reading my blog, I hope some of my life experiences and style/makeup tips will help you feel and look more confident.  As you can tell from my story, everyone has their share of issues to deal with, but as I’ve said, life is about perception; change this and you can change your happiness.

Thank you for visiting my little world and I hope you enjoy my babble. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have. Also head over and check out my Instagram where I am likely to bore everyone with my recent purchases.

Instagram: kdeboo