This Weeks Finest Five: Evening Bags

Recently I have had a serious obsession with handbags, and in particular little statement handheld bags. Every time I am shopping something attracts me towards them. In the past I have always been known to carry huge bags, it has become an ongoing joke between my dad and I. However, I am a changed women, I think mini handheld bags or clutch bags can really make a look that little more elegant. As always with my finest five posts I have chosen five I have had my eye on lately.


Surprise surprise Zara is going to feature more than once in this post, like every other item Zara have nailed there handbag collection with season. The first bag I have chosen to feature is this amazing Lightning Detail Minadiere Clutch, this bag is actually were the idea for this post came from. I spotted this bag in store two weeks ago and it has played on my mind since. The variety of colours means it would go with so many colour combinations and the glitter effect is sure to add that little sparkle to any outfit. It comes accompanied by a chain, this is good in case you get tired of carrying a clutch. This little beauty will cost you £45.99.

zara clutch.jpg


My second Zara pick would definitely add something special to an outfit, with heavy beading, it would be hard not to notice this little beauty. This Beaded Bucket Bag could really complement a monochrome outfit amazingly! At £55.99 it is not super cheap, however the level of detailing justifies the price in my eyes.




When on the search for bags I looked at many shops, and one that surprised me was Dune. Personally I cannot claim to have been a huge Dune enthusiast in the past, however their bag collection screamed evening! This Debella Flap Over Guitar Strap Handbag has the very current little handle feature, this is something I love, and it really makes a bag versatile. You can opt for the mini handle for a night event, then the long strap for a day look. The bronze colour of this bag is something else that definitely called out to me, metallic is very on trend especially with the popularity of the Bulgari Serpenti bag. This bag is very different to the Bulgari bag in terms of price, it is currently in the sale for £45.




I love a shameless print, they are the perfect way to jazz up an otherwise plain outfit, and this bag is the perfect one for that exact thing. Now there is no denying this really is a miniature bag, but it could be an amazing cute feature. It is this Metallic Handle Faux Fur Crossbody Bag from my beloved Zara, and it will set you back £29.99.




This H&M Rigid Clutch bag screams evening and for just £24.99 you can’t go wrong! This bag is a great statement and would look amazing with many outfits, I personally would love to style it with an all-black or monochrome outfit.


Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration ladies, I don’t know about you, but I want to head out to buy five new bags for this party season!

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