July Favourites

This month has been a superb one, I got to go home for a week and spend time with my family and friends, as well as having a positive hospital appointment. Going home also meant diversity in weather, meaning I got to wear a little bit more of a variety of clothing. Be that as it may, this months favourites probably do reflect the majority of my month; which was spent in the Hong Kong climate. The favourites listed below, unintentionally look like I have an obsession with Zara, but in all honesty, who wouldn’t this summer! I really have loved this SS16 collection in Zara.

So, it’s no secret I’m a fan of culottes, as mentioned in a previous post, they are ideal for Hong Kong life and weather. I feel they also give a classier look than shorts, maybe it is just that I personally prefer having more leg covered, mainly due to a lazy fake tan routine. These culottes in particular have been great for a more formal look, paired with blouses, bardot tops and bodies. Of course these babies are from my beloved Zara, in their new AW16 collection.

Culottes with slits


Continuing with the Zara theme, I have chosen the previously mentioned Zara sandals, this month they have been my go to throw on shoe, they are the perfect mix between casual and dressy, meaning they can be worn day or night. One thing to mention, I have tripped over and some of the silver metal did come off the front of the sandal, so anybody clumsy like me, be careful! I am still wearing them none the less.

Flat Sandal With chain Detail


Surprise surprise, in comes another Zara item; a striped peplum top, which has been another love of mine this month. It’s a very easy item to match, and so far I’ve worn it with; my black high waisted denim skirt, high waisted jeans and black culottes. This was another Zara sale steal.

Contrast Striped Peplum Top


I purchased these pants during my trip to England from the infamous Primark, and have already worn them a lot in the past two weeks!  They are perfect for hot weather; with wide legs and light material… perfect holiday piece!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This month’s favourites, was very Zara heavy, maybe next month I will expand my range, I also have an August birthday; so next month should be a good one.

Happy Shopping Ladies.

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