Trend Trials: Fishnet Tights

Trends, trends, trends, fashion revolves  a lot around trends, however that is never more apparent than at the start of a new season. Recently I have had an idea for a new segment on my blog; Trend Trials! This segment will be where I explore a current trend and try it out for myself, I will show how I would wear it and whether I think it works or it’s a trend worth passing on.

This trend trial as the title would suggest is all about fishnet tights. This is a trend that has been ALL over Instagram over the past six months or so. Alternatively fishnet socks have also been a common seen Insta post. Okay, when I first seen this trend I was on the fence, I feel fishnets can really air on the side of a cheap look.


As you can see from my look, I explored the more subtle option of having only a small hint on show.


Having just a little fishnet peeking out around the waist and feet, adds subtly but also as much elegance as I could fasten too a fishnet tight.



Overall, I think the fishnet tight is a trend I can get on board with, but maybe just in small doses. I don’t know if I am quite ready to go all out to a full leg on show … but who knows, we will have to see how crazy I am feeling in the coming weeks.

Okay, so the final question is whether to adopt or avoid? My advice, if you want to spice up your current wardrobe with a little bit of edge, this is one to adopt. If you are not a fan of the ‘street style’ look then this may be one to avoid!

Top: Romwe
Jeans: Monki (last season)
Coat: H&M (last year)
Bag: Romwe
Shoes: Asos (sold out)
Fishnet Tights: Romwe


As always, happy shopping ladies.

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