This Week’s Finest Five: Backless Loafers


Last year we seen the rise of the backless loafer, we owe thanks to Gucci for making them so popular. This spring they have not gone anywhere, in fact quite the opposite…they have spread. I personally got on board last year with the ones you can see in the photo above.

One thing to keep in mind with this trend is the possibility of having to size up. Of course this is down to preference, I personally am going to size up with my next pair. I don’t think anybody is aiming for the heel hanging over the back of your shoe look.

This season River Island have done outstanding with their choice of backless loafers, however I wanted to show a variety of shops in this weeks choices.



This first pair are definitely a bargain, these Simmi India Rose Gold Buckle Backless Loafers will cost you just £25. This pair would look amazing this spring summer with all of your lighter coloured clothing. They would work amazing as a pair to throw on with any summer dress, and for the price you can’t really go wrong.


river is.jpeg

As already mentioned River Island have a good couple of pairs, my favourites have to be these Patent Mix Loafers, so much so that I have decided these are my next purchase. These I plan to style up with light denim ripped mom jeans, which will add contrast to the girly colour. These could come in handy for anybody, like me, who has mostly black shoes and always finds themselves looking for an alternative. They are a very reasonable £30!



Uterque does beautiful everything in my opinion, and these Embroidered Babouches are no different, they have striking detailing. They are different to other embroidered shoes I have seen because of the light colouring of the embroidery. These would of course look amazing with jeans, culottes or a plain dress. Unfortunately they are not cheap, however not the most expensive shoes in the world at £95.



Mango always impress me with their shoe range, and these Slingback leather shoes are no different. I love the pom poms and fringing, it really adds an unique yet dressy feel to the shoe. These beauties will set you back £49.99.



This weeks luxury pick has to be these Stella McCartney Horse Bit Snakeskin Loafers. I am in love with these beautiful shoes, they are right up my street! At £420 they don’t come cheap, but wow they are amazing.

Hopefully this blog post inspired any of you lovely ladies who are on the look out for your own pair of backless beauties. As always, happy shopping ladies.

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