This Week’s Finest Five : Backpacks

Okay, so backpacks are not for everyone, I am sure many ladies still relate this type of bag to something you were forced to wear as a child … well not me!

Backpacks in my opinion are a life saver, I was on crutches for two years, and backpacks were a huge game changer! Since then, backpacks have continued to be a love of mine. They allow you to still have two free hands, as well as balancing the weight of your bag over two shoulders, if anybody is like me; renowned for always having a heavy bag, then a backpack is a staple.

Backpacks are not just practical, but also pretty on trend, I have found some of my personal favourites to share with you guys … enjoy!


As soon as I started this post, I knew one backpack that had to be in my selection, it is the Zara Backpack With Foldover Flap. Now, the reason it HAD to be in the post is because; I bought this bag last year when they had it in black, then they got the pink in this year I bought it as a gift for a friend, now they seem to be releasing different colours each season. This bag is great it costs £19.99, it is a simple design so can be worn with anything, and the colours are super on trend… no brainer!



Continuing of with Zara, this bag is from the new AW16 collection, and I think it is simple, elegant and very reasonably priced. The elegant look is great for all those ladies out there who think only teen girls should wear a backpack. It has a flat base, so will be great for keeping its shape, it is the Zara Backpack With Metallic Fastening, it costs £19.99 absolute bargain in my opinion ladies.

zara bag 1


This bag I think is great because of it’s versatility, it can be worn in two different ways, for two completely different looks and it is the Topshop Zip Croc Backpack by Skinnydip that will cost you £38. 




Whistles Verity Backpack  in the colour dark red, is a different pick for me, this is because of the colour. I personally don’t tend to venture much away from monochrome, however I think a statement colour bag can really set off an outfit and this bag is definitely that. This backpack will cost you £280, so definitely a luxury item, but this price may look more reasonable when you see bag number five.

whistles-verity-backpack-dark-red_medium_03 280


Okay, for my super lust backpack, it has to be this Smythson Burlington Backpack in the colour black. Only downfall to this bag is it will cost you a hefty £895, none the less I do think it is a really beautiful backpack and have admired it for a few month now, so I had to include it in my finest five backpacks.

Burlington BAckpack

As always … happy shopping ladies!

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