Christmas Fillers Gift Guide : 30s/40s

Day three is here and in enters the 30’s and 40’s category. By now you may have noticed the categories of presents are similar, however the products in each category are different. An example of this is candles. Candles appear in nearly all age groups, however the make of candles I have adapted to the age group, based on; price, scent, ascetic and user research. Anyway, let’s not waste any more time and instead get straight into the products, here is your fillers guide for your special lady in their 30’s and 40’s.


Just like yesterdays post I have included body lotion for the same reason; the majority of people regularly use body moisturiser. I have again chosen two well reviewed body lotions, only this time I have chosen a save and a splurge option.


Save: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Lotion


Splurge: REN Morocan Rose Otto Firming Crème Riche



One of my friends recommended a gift she herself was pleased to receive, and although she is in her 20’s I think this one would be great for this particular age group. It is this LSA glass wear; maybe two champagne flutes would be a great present for that Christmas morning bucks fizz? This Mother of Pearl set in particular would make a beautiful gift.



Just like in my 20’s list, I have included a candle. As we know candles are a lovely gift to receive, and something not many people buy for themselves. For this age group I have gone for a Jo Malone candle; a very luxurious candle and a perfect gift. There are so many amazing scents to choose from, but a personal favourite of mine is Pomegranate Noir.



Okay, so another consistent entrant as of late is, pyjamas! No matter our age, we all love getting a new pair of pyjamas. Is there any better feeling than putting are new pjs on and getting in to fresh bedding? So for this age range I have chosen these John Lewis Esta Star Print Pyjama Set in Navy/Ivory. In all honesty, I just thought they looked lovely on the model and are a great design for winter.



Of course everybody’s make up habits are different, some people will wear more or less than others. For this age group I’ve decided a good mascara is an excellent present, as it seems lots of women who don’t wear much makeup still wear mascara. When choosing a suitable mascara, my mind went straight to the YSL Volume Effects mascara as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.



Personally cuticle oil is a must have, I get messy cuticles A LOT and oil really helps. Want to make your painted nails look better? Cuticle oil is the savior; it’s nourishing while giving a lovely glossy finish. Why not treat your loved one to a lovely cuticle oil this Christmas, it is also the perfect size to fit in a stocking. This one I’ve heard great things about too; Deborah Lippmann The Cure.



This next present is one I think is objectively an obvious choice, and one I love receiving myself … hand cream. Hand creams, always come in handy! I personally have them scattered everywhere; work, my handbags, bed side table, bathroom I never want to be caught without. Hand creams can be purchased pretty much everywhere too, so your options are endless; however in case you needed some extra guidance I have chosen one with amazing reviews. Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream is a front-runner and features in many of the ‘Best Hand Cream’ lists I have read whilst doing research.



Just like yesterday’s post this list is going to include a book, which when buying for someone else can be a tricky game. The best way around this is buying one you have read and enjoyed, but of course not everyone is a book fan. If you’re not a book fan, buying a best seller is usually the safest bet. This year Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi has been very popular and very well reviewed, why not give this one a try.



This next product is a favourite of Trinny Woodall. Personally I love Trinny and hold value in everything she recommends. Trinny loves this product because “It provides deep hydration and goes on with a metal rolling ball that soothes tired and dried out lips whilst delivering the active ingredient” – enough said. Winter time is the perfect season to gift somebody with this lovely Hyaluroil Lip Treatment.



Recently it seems, card holders are everywhere! People are realising they don’t always need to carry a bulky purse around, especially on a night out. If your loved one often wears a small bag, she will most probably appreciate a card holder. The White Company do lots of things right, and I think this Embossed Croc Effect Leather Card Holder is one of them.


We are now three days down, don’t miss day four and five!

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