July Lust List

This month I am going to kick off with my beauty lusts, and there are quite a few! Charlotte Tilbury -‘Lip Cheat’ Re-Size & Re-Shape Lip Liner in the colour Iconic Nude is right up my street, the shade is excellent and I have heard great things about the texture.

Charlotte Tilbury

Continuing with the Charlotte Tilbury theme, because after all she is a genius, in enters lipsticks! I not only have my eye on one colour in the new Hot Lips collection, but two; Very Victoria and Super Cindy. Both shades are different types of nudes, which are my ultimate go to colour and by far my most worn.



With regard to fashion (more specifically footwear), this month has been a super WANT WANT WANT month. It’s been hard to whittle it down to just a few pairs of shoes I have loved, however I’ve had a go and below are my choices.

Senso Gabriella – Black Leather Studded Mid Heeled Shoes are available at ASOS for £150. Okay, so £150 is not the most expensive pair of shoes in the world, but they sure as hell aren’t the cheapest either. For me, spending £150 on shoes is not a decision i’d tke lightly, it would need some serious contemplation (and likely a lot of self-justification), but I must say these are BEAUTIFUL! They would compliment so many of my clothing pieces, and really suit the look and trends I am loving at the minute.

senso gabriella black leather

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, these KG by Kurt Geiger Alexa Tassle Heeled Shoes are exactly that, and they’ll cost you £110. Similar to the last pair, this price tag is not a super designer, but neither is it within the usual Asos, Missguided, River Island price range. Personally, I think these would look great paired with distressed denim. Pairing them in this way creates a completely contrasting look, something that is very much on trend at the moment.

KG by Kurt Geier

On a more affordable budget are these Topshop NINO Soft Unlined Mules for £59. I have actually tried these on in the shop and really liked them, however I would definitely recommend sizing up (they felt a tad small)!


Now, let’s move on to super lust. There are always a good few items that I fall in love with, which are truly beyond the average Jo’s monthly shopping budget. Of course, this month was no different…we should all be allowed to dream, right?

Mulberry Winsley in Black Pebbled Lamb, which will set you back a tidy little sum of £995 … bargain I know, why not get it in a few colours? In all seriousness though, this bag… WOW! I have always been a huge fan of Mulberry bags and even have a few myself, but this goes beyond my past loves, this is BEAUTIFUL. Let’s just take a minute to stare ladies …



The next piece is a Self Portrait piece. I feel I need to take this moment to bow down to Self Portrait as a brand, because their pieces are amazing and right up my street. One problem though, they’re not exactly in the price range of ‘throw a few of them in the basket’, well at least for me they aren’t. However, this dress is delightful, it is the Floral Embroided Midi Dress costing £270. Maybe for a special event?

Self Portrait

Sticking with amazing Self Portrait dresses, I have another; Azaelea Dress in Mint Green, this one again is pretty pricey, coming in at £240.

Self P

Bringing the price down (just slightly) is this Whistles Flavia Bardot Silk Belted Midi Dress costing £195. This piece is exactly my style; mid-length, bardot neckline and belted, three features I love.


It was hard to not make this post ridiculously long, as theres just so much I want! I think I did well though. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing my lust items of July.

Happy Shopping Ladies.

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