My New Obsession: Energy Balls

Okay, so for anybody who knows me , knows how much I LOVE sweets… I have a very unhealthy relationship with Skittles! Recently I have been trying to lessen my junk food intake, especially sweets and chocolate… in entering these energy balls. I have been taking a bag with about fifteen energy balls into work to last a week… and they have been great; one mid-morning, one after lunch and one before leaving work, keeps me going till my evening meal. I have seen so many recipes on the internet for different kinds of energy balls, but the main thing I took away from looking at so many, is that you can put ANYTHING in them.

When making my last couple of batches, I have used pretty much the same ingredients;

Rolled Oat (this is a constant in all the recipes)

Chia Seeds



Dried Mixed Fruit

Peanut Butter (any nut butter works, almond is my other choice)


Tiny bit of vanilla essence

All ingredients are simply thrown in a blender on high speed for around a minute.



In terms of the amount of each thing I put in, I just make a guess every time, and it does also depend on the amount of energy balls you are looking to make. I tend to put a lot of oats in and if it has not stuck together I add a little bit more honey, until I have the desired texture.


The below picture shows the desired texture, a ball of rough dough like texture.


Once you have your dough, you simply roll it into little balls and you are done! A nice, fairly healthy snack, that will keep you going.. as they have been keeping me away from them Skittles.


I would definitely suggest giving these a go if you are trying to give up unhealthy snacks, keep a batch of these in your fridge, and you will be ready to go!

This post was a little different than my usual, however I love food and love talking about it, so it’s likely these posts will become a bit of a regular.

Happy making guys.

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