June Favourites

This month has been an extremely hot and humid one, in the sweat-box that is Hong Kong. My favourites this month reflect this month’s heat!


H&M Sliders – These have been my super easy throw on sandal of the month, no thought or effort required with these.

Mango Strap Cord Sandal – These sandals, what can I say, I am in love! These are without a doubt this month’s bargain, I got these from the mango sale and I believe they are actually £17.99 in the UK now. They have been my go to for a little more of a dressed up look.

Stripy H&M Shorts (called wide shorts on the website) – Baggy shorts are perfect for humid weather, as tight clothing is not ideal. I have been able to wear these with loose tops and also tops tucked in.

Body Shop Body Oil – With the legs coming out much more this month, so has the body oil. I have enjoyed having a Beyoncé glow to my legs, this one is also a cheaper alternative to the famous Nars body oil.

Mac Whirl Lipstick – I can’t really say this lipstick screams summer, rather a more 90’s vibe, however it has still been my go to look for this month.

Next month I am between Hong Kong and England (going home for a week yayyyyyy), so next months favourites may have a more varied weather vibe.

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