England Shopping List

My trip home is fast approaching (super excited), that can only mean one thing; I need to get my shopping list prepared! Unfortunately I don’t have much time back at home on this trip, and while I do love to shop, I also have lots of other things to fit in my short length of time. This means when I do go shopping I need to be prepared, so here are the things I feel worthy of bringing back to Hong Kong  (got to remember that case weight – I’ve been burnt before).

Bondi Sands self tanning foam, if anybody has visited Hong Kong they will have noticed unlike in the UK were it is fashionable to have a tan, whether it is fake or not. In Hong Kong it is the very opposite, here they sell whitening beauty products.  Although I have tried to fit in with trying the local food etc, embracing my paleness is one thing I still can’t get on board with, I simply feel better with a tan (I am Scouse after all). Because of the cultural fashion, fake tan is not readily available in Hong Kong, this means stocking up on my UK trip. I picked the foam version, as I personally find it the easiest to apply, however that is just preference, and I have heard great things about all of the Bondi Sands products.


This one has been spoken about before in my drugstore post, it is collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is just a great drugstore concealer, for a fantastic price, hopefully boots will have enough for me to stock up.


Again, this is another item that has been spoken about before, back in my ‘Ultimate Guide For Spot Prone Skin’, it is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This one is not readily available in Hong Kong, so I stock up each trip home.

liz earle

N07 Liquid Eyeliner, this is just a simple liquid eyeliner I have grown to love and always go back to, it’s a reasonable price as well as being effective.


Ultra Sun Sun Tan Cream, this is my favourite sun tan cream, it doesn’t need constant reapplying and I do not burn when I am wearing it. I have fair skin and do burn easily, it is also a family favourite, my entire family love it! Now I live in a hot country it’s definitely a must.


This next item is actually a replacement purchase, and it is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, I current use this everyday and although I wash it regularly i feel I could benefit from a nice new fresh one.


This post may not have been of interest to everybody, but I personally love seeing what people have bought and plan on buying. Maybe when I am back you will see some of my UK purchases.

Happy shopping ladies.

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