This Weeks Finest Five: Coats

We are currently in mid-November, and rapidly approaching winter. Of course here in Hong Kong, the temperature is nowhere close to the temperature back home in England, however the temperature has dropped. Now is the perfect time to do a post about winter coats, as they are everywhere in the shops. For this post I have chosen five I have seen and loved recently, hopefully they may give you an idea if you are in pursuit for your winter coat.


In my opinion this coat is an absolute beauty, the oversized notch lapels are what really pulled on my heart strings. While being a classic smart tailored coat, it also has perfect quirks; like the splits in the side seams. This coats comes in both khaki and black, usually I would ALWAYS go for black, especially in something I am going to wear frequently. However something about this khaki one really appeals to me. Of course we can all agree this All Saints Indira Penza Coat is not be any means cheap at £358, however coats are probably one thing that warrant the investment.



As number one was on the expensive side I thought it was only fair that number two was an incredible bargain. One thing I look for in a coat is versatility, I want to be able to throw it over practically any outfit, while still looking like enough of a feature in itself. This First & I Belted Coat, I believe ticks all them boxes, at just £35 you can not go wrong!



If I was living in a cold climate this coat would most definitely be in my wardrobe! It is Zara’s Mandarin Collar Frock Coat, and will cost you a reasonable £69.99. This coat could smarten up any look.




Now, if plain black fits in your wardrobe better, then this & Other Stories Wool-Blend Coat  may be up your street. It does cost £145, however you would get a lot of wear out of a coat as plain as this.




In comparison to my last choice, is this Mango Leopard Faux-Fur Coat. This coat is certainly a feature piece and in no way plain, this could be a great piece to add to an all black or black and white outfit. This little beauty will cost you £79.99.


Hopefully if you are on the hunt for a winter coat, this post gave you some inspiration. If so, good luck with your search and as always, happy shopping ladies.

3 thoughts on “This Weeks Finest Five: Coats

  1. Love it! ordered that olive one from asos. loved all though! tempted by that leopard and also the plain black … refrained … for now!


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