This Weeks Finest Five: Block Heel Sandals

As previously mentioned, it took me a good few years to walk without crutches, even now I still need the occasional little helping hand. This lack of stability means heels can be a little risky, but I have found my saviour, BLOCK HEELS! Don’t get me wrong, when I see amazing stiletto heels I still get attracted, and curse all you lovely ladies out there posting amazing photos of these beautiful, sexy heels on. No, in all seriousness, I am just so happy I have got to the stage that block heels can be worn.

Although my reason for loving block heels comes from necessity, I am sure there are lots of ladies out there who prefer a block heel for comfort, or maybe for safety after one too many glasses of wine. If you are one of these ladies, I have chosen my favourite block heels, maybe they may inspire you for your next purchase. This week I have not only found five amazing heels, I have managed to keep all my choices under £50!


Glamorous Multi Strap Flared Heeled Sandals, available at ASOS for £28, these are the cheapest of this week’s choices, these could be a great staple pair of simple black heels, the straps adding a little extra detailing. The flared heel also gives them a more expensive look, who will ever know they were under £30.



These beautiful flowery heels have a designer feel, with; Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Tabitha Simmons, all doing a similar flowery look. The difference with these heels is the price tag, these beauties will cost you £42 and they are the ASOS Hue Heeled Sandals.

Hue heeled


Continuing with the flower theme; Topshop Rich Satin Cross Strap Sandals at £49.

topshop heeled flower.png


For a slightly smaller heel I have included these; Black Tassel Detail Ankle Lace Up Block Heeled Sandals from Choices, these will cost you £32.24.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.09.12


For a different colour pair, I have included ASOS TACT Lace Up Tassel Heeled Sandals at £35, as I noticed I do always tend to gravitate towards black!


Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed this weeks finest five choices, why not check out some of my previous finest five posts.

And as always, happy shopping ladies!

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