This Weeks Finest Five: Next Sandals

I don’t know about all hailing ‘King of the North’ (sorry for all the non GOT fans out there), because we should be all hailing ‘this years Next collection’.

Now I am not currently based in the UK, so I don’t always check all of the British based shops, however, with my home trip fast approaching I have been having a gander … in entering NEXT! Now I remember a good few years ago Next becoming more ‘on trend’ and less ‘my mum order it from the catalog’, so I don’t really know why they fell off my radar (it won’t happen again).

For this weeks finest five, I had to really take my time to narrow down my choices, especially as the Next sandal collection … WOW! However, somehow I have managed to do it, and here we have our winners!!

Two Band Sandal in the colour Orange Snake Effect, these come in a variety of colours, they are real leather and come in at £16, what more could you want?

Two Band Sandal

Two Band Suede Sandals in the colour Black Studded, these are slightly more expensive at £24, but do have more detailing.


Eyelet Block Heel Mules come in at £34, these beauties are on the more dressy side than my previous choices, these would look amazing with some jeans and a beautiful bardot top!

Eyelet Block Heel

Black Feather Sandals come in slightly higher at £38, these sandals I just think add something a little different with the feather effect! They are fun and ideal for a festival look.

Black Feather Sandals

Okay, so this one I have actually cheated, as I have chosen two colour ways in these Sporty Flatform Mules. I usually always tend to go for the black option in most things, however, I also felt the nude/ pink ones could go well with white and with the dusty pick trend at the moment it was too hard of a decision to pick one. These beauties come in at £22, so maybe both could be an option?


 I hope we can all agree on bowing down to the Next sandal collection, and I would urge you to get yourself over to the website and check out the sandals for yourself!

Get shopping ladies.

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