Gucci Galore


From the top; Princetown Metallic Leather Slipper, Metallic Mid Heel Pump, Princetown GG Bloom Slipper, Princetown Leather Slipper, Metallic Crossover Sandal. 

Could the fashion and blogosphere be anymore obsessed with Gucci? I think not! Who could blame them, they have been killing it lately, just look at the shoes above! Bad part about it; the price tag would also kill your bank balance. However, do not be deterred, if Gucci isn’t in your price range, then the high street is you answer. Every shop on the high street appears to have been inspired by Gucci, and I have chosen some of my favourite high street pieces to inspire you to shop that fabulous Gucci style.

Topshop KYLIE Backless Buckle Loafer £49

topshop cut

ASOS ON TIME Square Toe Loafers £32

Asos heeled

River Island Purple Print Backless Loafers £55

RIver Island

ASOS HIGHLAND Heeled Mules £35

asos Mules

RIver Island Gold Cross Strap Heels for £35


Why not let your Gucci inner self out ladies and get shopping.

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