My Top Five Lipsticks

Looking over my posts, I’ve noticed I have been seriously lacking in the beauty department. I found this pretty strange as I love skincare and especially make up. My obsession started when I was around nineteen, I was off ill for a couple of months, needing something to take my mind of the illness I started watching YouTube. Now that we’re five years on and the obsession remains strong – I felt it’s only right to share my passion with you.

A few days ago I was looking through my lipstick collection, when I started thinking ‘I always go for the same five lipsticks’. Which is a little odd considering I have a number of different brands and shades. The thing is, within this collection some are a little bit too edgy for day to day wear and some just don’t suit my complexion.  So I often find myself gravitating towards my favourites. After all we are creatures of habit. I have come to the conclusion that these said five lipsticks must be my favourite, and today I am going to share these favourites with you.


In no particular order;

Mac Twig is a favourite for a slightly more intense lip when nude just won’t cut it. It’s a darker shade, with that very ‘Kyle Jenner’ feel to it.

Mac Velvet Teddy is my most reached for at the moment, I have been wearing this one on a daily basis for the past four months. It’s just such an easy shade to wear.

Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose, this one is a different texture to my other choices. I tend to stick to matte lipsticks, however this one has much more of a glossy, sheer look to it than my others, but I still love it!

Illamasqua Starkers, as you can see from the picture this one has been very loved. I think it’s finally about time to repurchase! It really is just a great nude, and I love the brown undertone. This used to be my go-to lipstick but as I’m running low, and sadly there is no Illamasqua in Hong Kong; I’ve made the bold move onto Mac’s Velvet Teddy.

Revlon Mauve It Over, is actually  a great dupe for Velvet Teddy, this has slightly less staying power, however it is once again just a great nude and so reasonably priced.


From the left to right; Revlon Mauve It Over, Illamasqua Starkers, Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose, Mac Velvet Teddy, Mac Twig.

So if you ladies are on the look out for a new lipstick (especially a nude shade), I hope this post has given you a few options to consider.

As always, happy shopping ladies.

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