Christmas Fillers Gift Guide : Late Teens

With Christmas around the corner, this week is going to be bursting with present ideas for the loved one’s! I will be posting daily blogs packed full of stocking fillers; I say stocking fillers, but they won’t all will necessarily fit in a stocking (unless of course you have a pretty big stocking).  So, if you’re slowly filling a Christmas bag for a loved one, but struggling to find that finishing touch; hopefully these articles will give you that bit of much needed inspiration. Some could also give you gift ideas for a friend or a secret Santa, who knows?

Starting this week off are fillers for late teens, basically for those aged 16 to 19; the sixth form to first year university time in our lives. This is when girls are wearing makeup, but don’t necessarily have or need to spend a fortune on it. Now, you may be thinking how would you know? You’re no longer a teen! Unfortunately that’s true, so to make sure your presents are well received on Christmas day, I did my own research. In fact, to help with all of this week’s posts I have done research by going straight to the source. Asking people in each age group what they would like to see in their stocking this Christmas. So let’s not delay any further and jump right into the list …



FACE by Pixiwoo – you can get this book for just £10 on Amazon, which I believe to be the ultimate bargain and the perfect gift for any teen who likes, or is starting to find interest in makeup.



Harry Potter Colouring Book 1 – for a while now colouring books have been in the market for adults (not just children) and this one is perfect for this age group. At just £4.99, you can’t really go wrong.



PaintGlow Glitter Eye Liner  this is a perfect fun make up item for teens who are starting to experiment with their make up. At such an reasonable price its hard to go wrong, though I would suggest buying silver or gold for a safer bet. 



If your recipient is a make up fan, how about some make up prints for her bedroom. You can either just give the prints, or go all out and get them framed – it’s up to you. This set of three gold foil make up prints, are a perfect choice.



Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge  is a great make up sponge for any young lady who’s loving make up and great to partner with number one.



The oval makeup brushes are the latest trend on the scene, and this 10pcs Beauty Toothbrush Brush Set are the perfect way for a late teen to have a try of this new trend.



Notepads come in handy for the majority of people, but teens in college or university are a prime audience for these Ohh Deer A6 Notepads . At £5.99 they are a great extra to throw in the christmas stocking.



Pajamas are a great gift for any age, and these Chelsea Peers Christmas Naughty Sprouts Pyjama Set would be a great set for late teens. They even come with an eye-mask and in a lovely gift box.



I would love this next present, not just because I’m clumsy, but because I’m a big fan of sippy cups. I believe everyone should have one and this Paperchase Gothic Garden Sculpted Cup  is a beautiful one.



If you don’t know who Kylie Jenner is; you must have been living under rock for the past few years.  She is everywhere at the minute and being only 19 herself, she is equipped to know what that age want…and apparently it is her cosmetic range! Kylie’s cosmetics are particularly well known for her lip kits, and speaking to this age range I’ve been told the ‘Metals Range’ is a current favourite.  King K Metals is the colour I was recommended. Keep in mind these babies are being shipped all the way from America, so get ordering pronto to be ready for christmas.


If you are on the look out for them extra few gifts for a late teen in your life, I hope this post has been helpful for you. Good luck with your christmas shopping and be sure to keep an eye out for the next post ‘Christmas Fillers Gift Guide: 20s’.

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