Christmas Fillers Gift Guide: Men

Now this post is a first, it’s all about the men in our lives! For this one, I am not doing any age guide, simply because I honestly don’t think I could fill all the categories. When doing the research for this one, I have to admit I noticed a serious lack of choice for men.


hotel chocolat.jpeg

If the man in your life is a chocolate fan then Hotel Chocolat is the perfect luxury chocolate to give as a gift. They do amazing gift packs of chocolate, or just incredible Christmas themed chocolate, and I can personally vouch for the taste being faultless.



Now if said man takes care of his skin (or you think he should start), why not try this Kiehls His Facial Fuel Favourites Mens Giftset, this could be the perfect way for him to start a new routine.


abercrombie .jpeg

Aftershave is a pretty common present for males at Christmas, however aftershave can be costly, hardly the price of a filler. In the last few years a growing number of fragrance companies have started doing smaller handbag size perfumes, well the idea has finally been applied to men’s aftershave. This is a great idea for a stocking filler; reduce the price of an aftershave, give a trial run to an aftershave, or simply get them a smaller size of a current favourite (great for their wash bag, or flying). One brand that lots of men in my life wear is Abercrombie, and in particular Fierce by Abercrombie, and you can purchase this in a 30ml bottle…perfect! Once more, I am yet to meet a women who does not like this smell on a man. Unfortunately I could not find this size online, however I have seen it in the Hong Kong store.



Men do have a tendency to love gadgets, and if the man in your life is a fan, why not get him a Twelve South HiRise Charging Dock for his phone. Their is a range of sleek colours to choose from, this would look great on his desk or bedside table.



Sticking with the electrical theme is this Amazon Fire TV Stick, I am sure many of you will have heard about this product. For anybody reading this who hasn’t heard of this product, it is a way of getting online entertainment to your TV by just a simple USB.




If your loved one has to be suited and booted for work, I am sure he will appreciate keeping his shoes in pristine condition. Why not get him this Gentlemen’s Hardware Shoe Shine Kit to help him with the task.



Continuing on with the suited and booted theme, cuff links could be a lovely gift, maybe check he wears double cuffed, rather than buttoned shirts before investing. However, if he does wear double cuffed shirts a great understated pair of cuff links could be a lovely gift. These T M Lewin Silver Line Rectangle Cufflinks are a great example of understated.



Pyjamas or loungewear remain a great present for men as well as women, especially in the winter time, when they are more likely to be having nights in front of the TV. When choosing I went for a loungewear option just because I felt these were suitable for a vast age range. These Next Monochrome Brushed Check Set are something I could see my dad or boyfriend wearing regardless of the 25 year age gap.



Just like in a previous list from this week I have included a card holder, for men card  holders are a great way to reduce the bulk in their pockets. This ASOS Made In England Leather Card Holder In Black is a great choice and at really reasonable price.



Now, if your man is a fan of travel then this book would be perfect for him. Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist, is not only informative, but would also look great on a coffee table!


This post was the last of the week, I sincerely hope Christmas week’s daily posts have given you some ideas for your own Christmas shopping. Good luck to everyone with their Christmas shopping this year, remember if you are hitting the city centre, don’t forget your mince pie and toffee nut latte breaks!

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