Linen Lust List

Welcome to Summer 2018 were linen is not just practical, but actually on trend! I have to say I am loving the linen look. Don’t get me wrong the creasing situation is a pain, but when you live in the Hong Kong climate you are very thankful of the airflow linen allows. As linen is … More Linen Lust List

Vacation Ready

With the end of February fast approaching, everyone is securing their summer vacations, this means it’s time to start shopping for summer.  All the shops are gradually getting more and more spring stock. With less than five weeks till I fly to Malaysia for my wedding, I have been searching the internet for my own … More Vacation Ready

My Marmite Trousers

Okay, so these trousers are definitely not for everyone! Firstly they would be placed in the culottes category, and that is already known as a ‘not for everybody look’. They are not always the most flattering clothing in the world, usually because of the shape and length. Culottes are something I have personally grown to … More My Marmite Trousers