Vacation Ready

With the end of February fast approaching, everyone is securing their summer vacations, this means it’s time to start shopping for summer.  All the shops are gradually getting more and more spring stock. With less than five weeks till I fly to Malaysia for my wedding, I have been searching the internet for my own … More Vacation Ready

Fendi Flowers

Continuing on with the floral theme from my last post, I wanted to explore what other floral gems are on the market right now. It is no secret that Dolce&Gabbana are not alone in their love of floral, we have seen a lot from Fendi, as well as many more. Why did I mention Fendi? … More Fendi Flowers

Gucci Galore

From the top; Princetown Metallic Leather Slipper, Metallic Mid Heel Pump, Princetown GG Bloom Slipper, Princetown Leather Slipper, Metallic Crossover Sandal.  Could the fashion and blogosphere be anymore obsessed with Gucci? I think not! Who could blame them, they have been killing it lately, just look at the shoes above! Bad part about it; the … More Gucci Galore