Fendi Flowers

Continuing on with the floral theme from my last post, I wanted to explore what other floral gems are on the market right now. It is no secret that Dolce&Gabbana are not alone in their love of floral, we have seen a lot from Fendi, as well as many more. Why did I mention Fendi? Because they are taking the floral theme one step further, they are not simply going for floral fabric, they’re instead fastening flowers to their pieces.

Here are a selection of Fendi’s recent pieces…

IMG_1672 (1).JPG

After having a little shop around I have managed to find some of my own favourite flower pieces, only difference being; my finds come with a much more reasonable price tag.

Daisy Street Flower Glitter Point Heeled Shoes £34.99

flower shoes 2

Asos Festival Flower Cross Body Bag £22

flower cross body bag

Asos Daisy Street Flower Detail Point Heeled Shoes £39.99

flower shoes 1

Mango Flower Cord Necklace £29.99

flower mango necklace

Asos 3D Flower Pouch Bag £35

3D flower pouch bag

Zara Embroided Clutch £19.99

zara clutch

These little beauties are the perfect option for ladies who don’t want to commit to a fully flowered piece…why not just add some to a pre-existing piece.

New Look 90s Flower Brooch Pack £7.99

new look brooch pack

If in fact you are looking for a flowered piece, I hope this post gave you a little bit of inspiration for your next purchase.

As always ladies, happy shopping!

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