Linen Lust List

Welcome to Summer 2018 were linen is not just practical, but actually on trend! I have to say I am loving the linen look. Don’t get me wrong the creasing situation is a pain, but when you live in the Hong Kong climate you are very thankful of the airflow linen allows. As linen is such a trend this summer we can see it all over the; high street, designers and social media, so I have had a good look around and found some of my favourite linen pieces. I have kept the majority of my pieces under £100, however towards the end you may see a few rather high end pieces… after all it is a ‘lust’ list.


Mango £37



Mango £50


zara linen 1.jpg

Zara £29.99


zara linen 2.jpg

Zara £29.99


linen 3.jpg

Zara £79.99

linen 5.jpg

Zara £29.99

zara linen 6.jpg

Zara £29.99



Urban Outfitters £59


Urban Outfitters £56



Uterque Skirt £89



Apiece Apart £222


paper london.jpg

Paper London £495

I hope you enjoyed my linen picks, hopefully this has given you some of your own linen inspiration. As always, happy shopping ladies.

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